KNGO Image LLC warrants the Bi-Fold Kit for a period of 30 years from the date of purchase. In the event of any of the Bi-Fold Kits components failing over this period of warranty Bi-Fold Systems will, after confirmation in writing and consultation with the warrantor of the failure, replace any component of the Bi-Fold Kit required to reinstate the Bi-Fold System back to its original status. This warranty exclusively covers the components of the Bi-Fold Kit which include the Bi Fold Systems hinges, standard hinges, magnetic door closures, head with glued in place aluminum tracking channel, guiding wheel and bracket, jambs and internal door stops.

Exclusions to the 30 year Bi-Fold Kit warranty include:
Damage to any components of the Bi-Fold Kit caused by shipping, handling, willful damage, negligence, abuse, forced entry, internal and external water penetration, high humidity, excessive heat or insurance claims.

Failure of any Bi-Fold Kit due to substandard, or improper installation. Non adherence or variation to the installation instructions supplied with every Bi-Fold Kit, including rebating hinge and wheel guide bracket to the correct depths and alignment.

This warranty does not cover installed doors, door handles or door catches, architraves or other external and internal fittings outside of the Bi-Fold Kit components, paint or varnish used for final decor of the Bi-Fold Kit.

This warranty does not cover components of the Bi-Fold Kit which are separately altered, constructed or replaced with other components, including glues and screws, outside of the specifications of this system.

This warranty contains the entire agreement between KNGO Image LLC and the purchaser/homeowner. Dealers, Contractors, Installers, Third parties of KNGO Image LLC have no authority to give warranties on KNGO Image LLC behalf that are different from or exceed those listed herein. There are no other warranties implied.

The procedure for obtaining performance of the obligations of this warranty is as follows: if you believe the Bi-Fold Kit or components are defective in any way, contact the builder, contractor or installer for inspection. If the builder, contractor or installer determine in writing that the Bi-Fold Systems components are defective, KNGO Image LLC will replace the defective components to conform to the warranty contained herein.

KNGO Image LLC reserves the right to discontinue or make changes to the system described herein.